Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are grouped according to what aspect of the competition they address. To access an answer, click on the question mark to the left of the corresponding question. Undoubtedly this list is incomplete; please send inquiries to us that are not covered below from the Dialogue page. We will update this list with responses to the most popular questions.
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Who may participate in the Mandelbrot Competition or Team Play?
Should we enroll in the regional level, the national level, or both?
What are the regions for this year's Mandelbrot Competition?
How much does it cost to register for the contests?
How many teams should our school enroll for the Team Play?
What if I am a new coordinator for a school that has participated in the past?


Are calculators allowed on the contests?
How many students per school may take the Mandelbrot Competition?
What algorithm is used to generate rankings for the Mandelbrot Competition?
How do I choose which students will take the Team Play?
How do students find out their scores on the Team Play?
What algorithm is used to generate rankings for the Team Play?


What are acceptable forms of answers?
What accommodations are made for contestants with disabilities?

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